Opening the portal to the multiverse

Bridging the gap between Meta Worlds, building inter-planetary communities by championing cooperation, collaboration and cross-chain computation.

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Our Products

We have a clear vision which involves building and deploying our product offering, which can be found below:

NFT Marketplace

We developed and deployed our very own NFT museum, in which users are able to safely connect their wallets and mint from our NFT offering. 

3D Play To Earn game

Our Play to Earn (P2E) game is now under construction, with the game utilizing our Metaverse to present a multiplayer “Mars Racing” game in which users are able to play and win CLMRS tokens

Mars Metaverse

Our Mars Metaverse is the first of it’s kind on the Cronos Chain. We are taking the time to develop the best product possible, with a Beta release scheduled for 2023.

The Multiverse

A truly innovative concept, coming to the crypto space in late 2023. The multiverse will bridge between different “Meta worlds” in order to allow users to migrate between worlds & projects

Our Team

Fully transparent & fully committed to complete transparency

Our Vision.

Our vision is a simple one. Innovation within the Cryptocurrency space 

Our Experience.

Between the team, we have over 15 years in communications & marketing, financial services, project management & business development, which allows us to procure the right resources, for the right price.

Ian Cawrey

Ian Cawrey


Richard Cameron

Richard Cameron

Director of Strategic Partnerships

James Tieu

James Tieu


Romeo Coston

Romeo Coston

Project Manager

Our Partners

Building together to effect positive change

Softtik Technologies
Interfi Networks
SEEK Token
Coin Gecko
XY Finance
Son of Doge
Coin Market Cap
Caws Calls

Welcome to the Multiverse

Our Mission

The multiverse concept is simple, “Everyone is welcome, we are stronger together”.

Crolon Mars – An innovative project, birthing a Multiverse, connecting multiple Meta Worlds to form lasting relationships

What is Crolon Mars (CLMRS)

Crolon Mars is a decentralized Meta World, which operates not only as a Metaverse of its own. It is also bridging the gap between other metaverse projects, allowing for seamless integration together, to form a Multiverse of Meta Worlds

Crolon Mars is the native utility token which is used for:

* Funding the development and continual improvement of the Ecosystem

* A currency for purchasing assets like NFTs, be it Characters for the Metaverse, Vehicles or land

Crolon Mars includes:

*Mars Metaverse in which people can perform a wide variety of functions

*NFTs – Buying NFT which are then mapped as characters within the Metaverse

*Multiverse – Bridging the gap between Meta worlds, to build a cohesive and beneficial network of projects

* Wallet – Giving users the ability to exchange tokens through our wallet, as well as purchase Crypto with Fiat currency through a partnership that has been agreed upon.

How many Crolon Mars tokens are in circulation?

Crolon Mars launched on June 14th 2022 with a total supply of 1,000,000,000 created at genesis.

630,000,000 tokens are in the circulating supply currently, with 370,000,000 locked for VC investors, as well as exchanges and tokens for the team. These are locked at the moment with Team Finance and will not be unlocked until they are needed. Any unlocked tokens will be added to a Multi-sig wallet to guarantee their security. Crolon Mars currently operates a Tax of 10% which is used for operating costs, although this will be changed to zero as we look to list on exchanges.

Our Roadmap

Our roadmap is constantly changing as we work in an Agile way. We aim to under promise & over deliver

Build and establish solid Dev Team.

Design and publish Website

Whitepaper V1 Release

NFT Design Sprints

Begin Marketing

Friends and Family Liq raise

Partnerships commence

Implement multi-chain listing partner

Compile and release articles for Press Releases

Listing on CoinGecko

Listing on CoinMarketCap

Play to Earn build begins

Metaverse build begins

Website V2 launches

Whitepaper V2 launches

Play to Earn – Warranty period

Asian marketing commences

Social media influencer recruitment starts

Advertising added to our P2E game

Metaverse MVP checked and confirmed

Metaverse Beta is released 

Beta testing for metaverse to 5 users

Beta testing for 20 users


Metaverse testing for 5o users

Metaverse V1 released – 1 Month warranty period.

Multiverse partners agree on conceptualized idea


Multiverse build phase begins.


Statistics & Tokenomics

Contract: 0xaAd00d36Dbc8343C3505Ba51418a43D3622D2964

Total Supply - 1,000,000,000

Circulating supply - 730,000,000

Name: Crolon Mars
Symbol: CLMRS
Token Type - CRC20
Decimals: 18
Audited by: Interfi Networks

Upon launch, 27% of the token supply will be locked, adaption and exchange listings. This will provide assurances for stakeholders in an ever-changing crypto market. To ensure the longevity of this project we can implement strategic plans to buy back tokens and redistribute them to stakeholders.

With an astute business model, we can anticipate and react more efficiently to a constantly evolving crypto market. Initial liquidity will be locked for 12 months and reviewed every 3 months thereafter. We chose not to lock liquidity for an extended period as we intend to add further utilities indefinitely, this allows us to make changes to the contract if required.

BUY TAX: 10%

Sell Tax: 10%

PURCHASE FEE - 10% TAX SELLING FEE - 10% TAX Liquidity - 3% Marketing - 3% Development - 3% Team - 1% Liquidity - 3% Marketing - 3% Development - 3% Team - 1%

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