the alien apes
Total: 500 (68%) x2 Rewards
Total: 200 (27%) x3 Rewards
Total: 9 (1%) x4 Rewards
Total: 5 (1%) x4 Rewards
Total: 5 (1%) x4 Rewards
Total: 6 (1%) x4 Rewards
Total: 5 (1%) x4 Rewards

The Alien Apes of Crolon Mars

As we continue to develop and build the Crolon Mars ecosystem we are aiming to deliver the following benefits for our first NFT collection of Alien Apes.

⦁ Enhanced earnings with up to x4 rewards within the Crolon Mars Pod Racing P2E Game (Built within the Metaverse)

⦁ Integrated as playable avatars with exclusive access to VIP areas on Crolon Mars

⦁ NFT owners will be whitelisted to purchase land exclusively before public sale

The Alien Apes will be packed with utilities on Crolon Mars and we will strive to deliver our set integration milestones. But that’s not all.. Once the entire collection is sold, one owner will receive a monumental prize of $5,000! With a very limited supply of only 730 NFT’s the odds of winning are a stunning 730 to 1.

One lucky wallet will be chosen with a random number generator and broadcast live throughout our social networks.

Crolon Mars NFT Passport

Players can mint a Passport NFT to access the Crolon Mars P2E and start earning CRO rewards. 

The Alien Apes on Ebisusbay

View what's been minted so far by visiting the collection over at the Ebisusbay Marketplace Always ensure you are purchasing a verified Crolon Mars NFT indicated by the blue tick.

Who will be minted next?..

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