Our mission

Welcome to the Multiverse

The multiverse concept is simple, “Everyone is welcome, we are stronger together”.

Crolon Mars – An innovative project, birthing a Multiverse, connecting multiple Meta Worlds to form lasting relationships

What is Crolon Mars (CLMRS)

Crolon Mars is a decentralized Meta World, which operates not only as a Metaverse of its own. It is also bridging the gap between other metaverse projects, allowing for seamless integration together, to form a Multiverse of Meta Worlds 

Crolon Mars is the native utility token which is used for:

* Funding the development and continual improvement of the Ecosystem

* A currency for purchasing assets like NFTs, be it Characters for the Metaverse, Vehicles or land

Crolon Mars includes:

*Mars Metaverse in which people can perform a wide variety of functions

*NFTs – Buying NFT’s which are then mapped as characters within the Metaverse

*Multiverse – Bridging the gap between Meta worlds, to build a cohesive and beneficial network of projects

* Wallet – Giving users the ability to exchange tokens through our wallet, as well as purchase Crypto with Fiat currency through a partnership that has been agreed.

How many Crolon Mars tokens are in circulation?

Crolon Mars launched on June 14th 2022 with a total supply of 1,000,000,000 created at genesis. 

630,000,000 tokens are in the circulating supply currently, with 370,000,000 locked for VC investors, as well as exchanges and tokens for the team. These are locked at the moment with Team Finance and will not be unlocked until they are needed. Any unlocked tokens will be added to a Multi-sig wallet to guarantee their security. Crolon Mars currently operates a Tax of 10% which is used for operating costs, although this will be changed to zero as we look to list on exchanges.

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