We are a results driven team

We have many years of Investment and product management experience as well as working with some of the key players in the space.

We have qualified capabilities for Multiple Ventures

Our past achievements include our NFT Minting Marketplace, Play to Earn Game & First city within our Mars Metaverse

NFT Minting site
Play To Earn Game
Chainlink Integration
Metaverse Build

Meet our founder

Ian Cawrey is a well-known developer within the Space, acting as a consultant for many startups and mature projects. Ian brings a wealth of experience in Blockchain Technology and a wide range of connections, stemming from continued relationships within the space

Ian Cawrey

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Meet our amazing team

David French Product Manager

Chief of Technology Officer

Alex Grey

CEO & Co-Founder

Luka Bedil

Chief of Development Officer

Ingrid Romanoff

Chief Creative officer

John Alexander Chief of Technology Officer
Alex grey CEO & Co-Founder
Luka Bedil Chief of Development Officer
Ingrid Romanoff Chief Creative officer
Steve Romansky Chief Experience Officer
Core Team

The Crolon Mars Team

James Tieu - UK

Chief Technical Officer - Communications and content expert, with over 17 years' experience in the Telecommunications sector. James provides technical support, NFT & website development. 20 years experience as a music producer and DJ.

Richard Cameron - UK

Director of Strategic Partnerships - “Cam” has a background in sales, marketing and Business Development. Cam currently works within institutional companies on employee training and progression.

David French - UK

Head of Design - Experienced in the Technology & Financial Services sector, with ~15 years of technical experience in strategic leadership. Dave has multiple qualifications in the robotics industry but also develops awesome apps and websites.

Romeo Costin - USA

Project Manager - Is a full time crypto investor with 4 years experience within the blockchain industry. Romeo has a military background that brings leadership qualities to the group.

Ramberto Salinas - USA

Strategic Analyst - With a background in corporate training and sales "Weng" offers professional strategies. Weng was an early investor in Crolon Mars and has now become part one of the team.

Julius Lantican - USA

Media Manager - Julius aka "Orange Caesar" is currently a Critical Care Nurse so his personal relations & interaction skills are second to none. Orange is a powerhouse when it comes to team work and his ability to think outside the box adds that extra dynamic to the team.

Mark Rogers - Australia

Community Manager - An experienced crypto veteran since 2018 and the core team of 2 other projects. Mark's roles include business development, marketing and community management. Marks passion for Web3 innovation adds an extra element of strength across the team as he continues to build, create and develop the culture around Crolon Mars.

We are
special with our values

We are always looking for talented individuals to join the team, find out more below