Total Supply - 1,000,000,000
Circulating supply - 730,000,000
Name: Crolon Mars
Symbol: CLMRS
Token Type - CRC20
Decimals: 18
Audited by: Interfi Networks

Upon launch, 27% of the token supply will be locked, adaption and exchange listings. This will provide assurances for stakeholders in an ever-changing crypto market. To ensure the longevity of this project we can implement strategic plans to buy back tokens and redistribute them to stakeholders.

With an astute business model, we can anticipate and react more efficiently to a constantly evolving crypto market. Initial liquidity will be locked for 12 months and reviewed every 3 months thereafter. We chose not to lock liquidity for an extended period as we intend to add further utilities indefinitely, this allows us to make changes to the contract if required.

BUY TAX: 10%
Sell Tax: 10%
PURCHASE FEE - 10% TAX SELLING FEE - 10% TAX Liquidity - 3% Marketing - 3% Development - 3% Team - 1% Liquidity - 3% Marketing - 3% Development - 3% Team - 1%
Chart by Visualizer
Chart by Visualizer
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